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Rekha Saleela Nair: Women Warrior Executives Around The World

Episode 52

About Rekha Saleela Nair: Rekha is a personal brand strategist, consultant, and coach who works with women in leadership as well as women with leadership aspirations. She was born and raised in a matrilineal clan in India. Matrilineal means the lineage is traced through the mothers. Rekha says that she was raised by strong women whose impact was felt on their communities. She currently lives in India and helps women leaders and aspiring women leaders build authentic brands that deliver results, build influence and create the desired impact. Her personal vision is to support the building of a critical mass of independent women in India and across the developing world where the female labor participation rates are low. She blends the wisdom of her matrilineal legacy with two decades of branding and communication experience including radio and advertising and a fifteen year corporate stint. She helps leaders adopt a heart-centered approach of feel, accept, transform. Rekha is the founder of "Dragonflies Everywhere" which is a volunteer driven nonprofit bridge that supports the work of nonprofits serving grassroots communities world over through knowledge sharing, donations, volunteered resources and services.


In this episode, Jordan and Rekha discuss:

  • How being raised in a matrilineal clan impacts how she coaches women and men.

  • Breaking mental barriers and allowing yourself to be ambitious

  • Responding to directness in the workplace

  • Balancing hard power and soft power

Key Takeaways

  • A child being raised by visible, independent and powerful women encourages the same strength in that child.

  • Because of gender roles, women often don’t go for what they need or want. Reaching for your ambitions and letting go of your programming is essential for your success.

  • Try not to take it personally when people criticize you for acting out of role. You don't have tobattle everything. Learn to navigate through that flow.

  • Don't back down. You need to have your boundaries, you need to be able to speak your truth, and you need to speak it clearly.

“When you stand up for your truth, when you stand up for what you know is right and when you stand up and speak your truth with grace and integrity, they'll respect you anyway.” — Rekha Saleela Nair

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Jordan Goldrich

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