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Kelly Feldkamp: Realities of The Job Site Athlete Keeping Laborers Safe, Strong, and Loyal

Episode 99

About Kelly Feldkamp: Kelly is the founder of ProVention Plus, which is an on-site injury prevention company that is changing the way companies take care of their manual labor and craft employees. She has a master's degree in exercise and wellness and is the creator of the Move Better Program used by thousands of jobsite athletes over the last 20 years. 

Kelly has a passion for helping jobsite athletes reduce the discomfort that they may believe is an unfortunate but necessary part of their profession. She and her team at ProVention Plus have been blessed to work with those who are most in need of injury prevention care, but are also the least likely to seek it out for themselves.

The evolving conversation around how we care for the job site athlete is a welcome change for Kelly. She's playing an active role in moving the industry toward a place where pain is not just an unfortunate byproduct for the job site athletes, but they also build the world we all enjoy.


In this episode, Jordan and Kelly discuss:

  • Why on-site injury prevention is important 

  • Addressing and reducing job site injuries 

  • The state of jobsite injuries 

  • Preventing injuries through movement 

Key Takeaways

  • On-site injury prevention services can reduce discomfort and pain for industrial athletes. Providing them with the right support can lead to fewer injuries which would make them even more effective at their work and also increase their loyalty towards the company. 

  • Dynamic group warm-ups and dedicated one-on-one sessions are more effective than stretch and flex programs in reducing injuries and preventing current injuries from progressing. 

  • Industrial athletes often continue working despite injuries due to fear of losing their job or ruining the company’s zero-injury record. Soft tissue injuries, which are common and costly in industrial settings can often be prevented through physical therapy and strengthening rather than surgery. 

  • Moving our bodies in all possible ways is essential in reducing and preventing injuries both on and off the job. 

“If you don't move it, you lose it. So let's move our bodies in all the ways we can move it.” —  Kelly Feldkamp


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