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Workplace Warrior® Press Release
Jordan Goldrich, COO, MCEC, PCC
PUBLICIST: Joanne McCall 
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In this book written with Walter Meyer, Jordan Goldrich offers advice to what he characterizes as the "No Bull-Bullshit Executive" (NBSE). He focuses on four types: Warrior, Scientist, Abrasive, and Bully. Details are best revealed in the narrative -- in context, within a frame of reference -- but one key point requires no spoiler alert: being an NBSE and having highly developed emotional intelligence are not mutually exclusive.

These few are among the dozens of key points that caught my eye:

  • "If you are, in fact, abrasive rather than tough, then, like me, you are creating unintended negative consequences for yourself and others. The good news is you do not have to remake your personality. In fact, your drive, your focus on results, and your no-bullshit attitude are tremendously valuable to your organization, your coworkers, your friends, and your family." (Page 9)

  • Treating people respectfully "simply means identifying performance gaps, communicating expectations and consequences, and following through in a respectful. or, ideally, a compassionate one. Anything less than warrior behavior (i.e. principled and steadfast but humane] can -- and likely will -- create an unintended negative impact on results." (22)

  • "As Arnold H. Glasgow wrote, 'A good leader takes a litte more than his [or her] share of the blame, a little less than his [or her] share of the credit.' In the book Good to Great, [Jim Collins] found that great leaders went even further and took little of the credit and all of the blame." (35)

  • "Studies have shown that people who are willing to apologize and admit mistakes are not [begin italics] not [end italics] viewed as weak; they are actually perceived in a better light..This includes demonstrating courage, integrity, and humility rather than blaming others when they contributed to or even caused the problem." (60)

  • "In summary, great inspirational leadership is rooted in who you are and what you stand for. Most leaders do not know what these are for them. If you want to be an inspirational, effective leader, developing your personal mission, core purpose or [begin italics] why [end italics] should be considered the least you can do." (109)

My guess (only a guess) is that executives in greatest need of Jordan Goldrich's advice are least likely to read the book or even to acknowledge their need. It may be of at least some benefit to those who associate with NBSEs, especially in their workplace or elsewhere in the business world.

More supervisors need to become warriors and one of their most important obligations is to help develop warriors among those entrusted to their care. That is Jordan Goldrich's mission in life, one he views as a privilege.

--Robert Morris, Amazon: Hall of Fame, Top 500 Reviewer, Vine Voice

''Jordan Goldrich provides a unique perspective on executives who get labeled as abrasive or as bullies. He recognizes that demeaning, bullying behavior is not acceptable and that hard-driving, results-focused personalities are needed in our complex, rapidly changing business environment. Thus, he challenges hard-driving executives to express their warrior spirit while minimizing unintended negative impact.''

--Marshall Goldsmith, #1 New York Times best-selling author of Triggers, MOJO, and What Got You Here Won t Get You There
''Jordan Goldrich applies his own insights about his experience as a workplace warrior to help other no-bullsh*t executives achieve their objectives without alienating coworkers. Written to help these leaders elevate their warrior styles to higher levels of success, Goldrich offer specific steps to increase their interpersonal effectiveness in the workplace.''
--Laura Crawshaw, Ph.D., BCC, President, Executive Insight Development Group, Inc.

''Jordan is the quintessential no bull-sh*t corporate executive coach. I could not think of a better fit for an advisor to work with and coach the C-suite executive and leaders who are identified as ''workplace warriors''-aka abrasive/aggressive leader and/or bully.  Jordan presents undoubtedly a unique concept in identifying this archetype as a warrior who we typically associate as heroes. Jordan presents that these individuals bring a unique perspective in the workplace and society. He challenges us to recognize these unique characteristics and open the doors of acceptability while challenging the ''warrior'' to funnel these traits through more acceptable channels . . . ''
--CB Bowman, MBA, MCEC, BCC, CMC, CEO & Founder of the Association of Corporate Executive Coaches (ACEC); MEECO Leadership Institute.

''Workplace Warrior is a necessary guide for leaders who are invaluable to their organizations-AND-who are in need of a few modifications to their mindsets and behavior. What makes this book so powerful is the way it presents the journey for leaders in a way that does not diminish their unique and highly valued skills. Yet the book also provides just the right shifts these leaders need to make to attract more people to willingly follow them.''
--Frank Wagner, Practice Leader, Marshall Goldsmith's Stakeholder Centered Coaching

''While other thought leaders are trying to change hard-driving, high-achieving executives beyond recognition, Jordan Goldrich has figured out how to harness their power to carry them and their teams to greater success.''
--William W. Eigner, Partner, Procopio

''Workplace Warrior is a must-read for all current and aspiring leaders. The world needs leaders who are not afraid to hold people accountable for their actions and, at the same time, have the ability to be compassionate. People are often afraid to be labeled a ''No-Bullsh*t Leader.'' Jordan addresses this issue head on and brings the conversation to the surface. His examples will be invaluable when you think you need support and need to know you are not alone. After all, who wants to be shoveling ''bullsh*t'' all day long?''
--Cindy Zurchin, Ed.D, Co-Author, The Whale Done! School, Motivational Speaker, Trainer, Business Consultant, and Coach
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