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Randi Roberts: Change Your Perspective Before Changing Your Career

Episode 95

About Randi Roberts: Randi is the president of Randi Roberts Coaching LLC., and founder of the Fulfilling Career, Happy Life Community. Randi is an executive coach and a career life coach, and she helps accomplished professionals love their work and achieve their career goals. She has seen too many people develop solid career plans, put in tremendous effort over many years at significant sacrifice, and then achieve their goal only to find that it may not be as satisfying as they hoped. 

The work her clients do with Randi allows them to explore new possibilities, assess their framework against who they are and want to be, and find what truly fits. 

Randi has an MBA from the Wharton School of Business and is a professional certified coach. Before becoming a career life coach, Randi had a successful 30-plus-year career as a pharmaceutical executive working for both large companies and a small startup. She also founded two of her own businesses.


In this episode, Jordan and Randi discuss:

  • What is important in planning a career change

  • Look at your life as a business challenge

  • Balancing psychological safety and managing performance

  • Visualizing the best career experience 

  • Trust your gut and get some help 

Key Takeaways

  • You need to put in some work in your inner being before you change careers. Figure out what the issue is first and get to the bottom of it before you decide to shift so that you can get it resolved before moving out. 

  • It’s better to align your career goals with your personal values and happiness rather than just following a structured career planning process. If you do need to take on a role that you are uncomfortable with, then make sure that you’re making the decision for yourself rather than doing it just because somebody told you so. 

  • Visualize what would be the ideal situation for you. Put yourself a year ahead where you are happy and fulfilled. What does your work look like? How much are you earning in that ideal situation? How many hours of work are you putting in? Once you’ve figured that out, look at the gap between that and where you are now. 

  • Trust your gut and get some help. Your skills, your abilities, and your instincts are what have gotten you to the point that you're at.  The possibility of coming up with the answer is much greater if you have somebody else's brain and insights into it, rather than just trying and taking it on yourself.

“Being opportunistic is great but I think it's worth, taking a beat, taking a deep breath, and making sure you're going after the right thing for the right reasons. Money is very attractive in the short term. But it's not enough for most people to sustain your fulfillment over the long term.” —  Randi Roberts


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Jordan Goldrich

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