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Paul ter Wal: Happiness Makes Money - How Shared Core Values Influence Company Results

Episode 78

About Paul ter Wal: Paul is an international engagement explorer, employability expert, and workplace architect. For more than 25 years, he's been in the speaking, consulting, and training business for executive directors and employees. His motto is, “happiness makes money.” He helps companies and organizations across the world address the crisis of engagement that has serious and potentially long-lasting repercussions. As a former lawyer, he works with both sides: employer, and employee, and the purpose is to create work happiness and loyalty. His concept is based on finding what he refers to as the “non-negotiables” in the core values of the individual as well as the company because a highly engaged workforce means the difference between a company that thrives and one that struggles. He is a former lawyer at a social benefits organization, as well as assistant director of public health insurance at the company. He started his consulting career at Capgemini in the field of social security and labor law. He's a professional speaker, advisor, and workplace specialist. His company is called Team Andare


In this episode, Jordan and Paul discuss:

  • The current international crisis of engagement

  • The ROI of revitalizing employees that are burnt out or bored out

  • The horizontal model for organizations

  • What is your job as a leader?

Key Takeaways

  • Organizations need to prioritize taking care of the human beings that hold the company up. It would harm the company to allow people to burn out and it would benefit the company in profit, sustainability, and growth if the people are taken care of.

  • Sick leave because of burnout is not a medical issue. It is a connectivity and alignment issue. We have to keep employees engaged. This means that the leadership is listening and focused on the whole organization’s purpose.

  • Consider the horizontal model for organizations. Instead of the leaders being on the top and the employees at the bottom, they are all on one line with the professionals at the front serving the customers, the staff serving the professionals, and the leadership serving the staff and the professionals.

  • Your job as a leader is to inspire people, not to be polite. If you see something wrong, tell the truth in a caring and fair way.

“People are not happy anymore, they get bored out or burned out. Is that a medical issue? No, that has to do with core values and being connected.” — Paul ter Wal

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Jordan Goldrich

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