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Nancy Parsons: Digital Avatar Coaching: Expanding Your Coaching & Consulting Reach

Episode 88

About Nancy Parsons: Nancy Parsons is CEO and President of CDR Companies, LLC, which is a globally recognized expert in combining the science of assessments with the art of developing people. Nancy was the ACEC/MEECO International Institute Thought Leader of Distinction in Executive Coaching (2019) and author of the Amazon bestseller: Women Are Creating the Glass Ceiling and Have the Power to End It.

Nancy and her team recently launched CDR-U Coach, the first-of-its-kind, digital avatar coach that provides individualized feedback and development for all employees. CDR-U Coach was awarded the 2021 Gold Star Winner of the “Best New Product or Service of the Year” by the Stevie Awards for Women in Business and for the 2022 Houston Business Journal Innovation Award. Nancy’s primary clients include global C-Suite members and executive coaches.


In this episode, Jordan and Nancy discuss:

  • Coaching from live people delivered digitally

  • The only digital avatar that can debrief a deep personality assessment

  • How the avatar can extend the reach of executive coaches

  • Nobody coaches the bottom 80% of the workforce

  • Breaking through the glass ceiling

Key Takeaways

  • The digital avatar system is not AI. All the scripts are written by executive coaches. This extends deep coaching to people who almost never receive it.

  • Only 10-15% of employees are self-aware, which is why a lot of people make career mistakes, become unhappy, or have engagement issues.

  • Growth doesn’t happen until we look deep within ourselves. The assessment suite delivered by the avatar includes characters, drivers, and risks.

  • In giving feedback, it’s important to be candid, direct, and accurate - to not sugarcoat the results. However, it’s equally as important to be cognizant of people who do need reassurance and need a little extra support in order to reach their potential.

  • Breaking through the glass ceiling is a matter of being more assertive and having more initiative. It’s about being more confident and being open to speak up and answering questions even in moments where you don’t feel confident. Also, like everything else, it will take practice.

“Women can change these reactions and behaviors, but they have to be aware of them. We can end the glass ceiling if we help women be more assertive in those tough moments.” — Nancy Parsons

Connect with Nancy Parsons:

Twitter: @neparsons

Jordan Goldrich

Your host, Jordan Goldrich, grew up in a loud New York family and once lost an executive position because of his style. He is co-author of the Amazon Best Seller, Workplace Warrior®: People Skills For The No-Bulls**t Executive, Chief Operations Officer, Master Corporate Executive Coach, and Licensed Clinical Social Worker. His guests are part of his international network of Workplace Warrior® executives, master corporate executive coaches, and thought leaders. Each guest will engage you in conversation about their successes, mistakes, and solutions. You will get strategies for being completely authentic, while you fulfill your commitment to your organization, build positive relationships, and take performance to an even higher level.

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