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Maureen Rabotin: Leveraging Intercultural Intelligence for Innovation and Inclusion

Episode 73

About Maureen Rabotin: She has over 15 years experience accompanying executives in transition from manager to leadership roles, from country to country. Her understanding of the corporate environment comes from years as a European product leader for a medical diagnostics, multinational and Asian Pacific export director. When she left the corporate world, she transitioned to a career first as an intercultural training consultant and then as a global executive coach and coach supervisor. She's an Advanced Certified Clifton Strengths coach. Her overall passion as a global executive coach focuses on emotional intelligence and global leadership. With a foot on each continent (she lives in both France and the USA), she invites clients to stop, reflect and focus on questions such as “what needs to shift in me to bring out the best in others?” and “how can we build bridges across cultural, linguistic, generational and gender divides?”


In this episode, Jordan and Maureen discuss:

  • Complexities and levels of culture

  • Key elements of high performing teams across cultures

  • The Cultural Orientation Framework Assessment

  • The World Cafe and Elephant in the Room Team Exercises

Key Takeaways

  • Culture is complex and that means that there isn’t a black-and-white answer to every issue. Most people have good intentions but they can still get perceived incorrectly. The keyword is perception.

  • Figure out what’s important for others, what are their values and how can you communicate with people to the best of your ability. It’s not about being inauthentic, it’s about learning to speak in the language of the culture you’re speaking to.

  • Every human being needs SCARF: Status, Certainty, Autonomy, Relationship, and Fairness. Cultures define what each of these means to people.

  • If you want sustainable behavior change, know how the brain works. You need microlearning, you need nudges, and you need to be reminded of the commitment. That's how you change teams.

“That cultural switch is about knowing how much can I bend with the wind, without losing myself?” — Maureen Rabotin

Maureen is offering a 34 Clifton Strengths Assessment, a Cultural Orientations Framework Assessment, and the Global DISC Assessment to the first three listeners who would contact her at

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Jordan Goldrich

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