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Marc Kramer: Identifying Multi-Million Dollar Opportunities to Control Your Financial Future

Episode 21

About Marc Kramer : Marc is a serial entrepreneur who has won the Inc. Magazine Entrepreneur of The Year, runs a podcast called Best Business Minds that interviews business book authors, and has a journalism degree from West Virginia University, and a Masters in Management from Penn State University. He’s the author of five business books including Power Networking, Small Business Turn Around, Financing and Building an E-Commerce Venture and Consulting. His company Kramer Communications has worked with over 500 companies providing business development plans, capital raising assistance, corporate website development, marketing plans, and public relations.


In this episode, Jordan and Marc discuss:

  • Angel investors and what they are looking for.

  • What investors require in business plans.

  • Before investing time and money, use polls to determine investor interest

Key Takeaways:

  • “Blue Ocean” opportunities in AI.

  • Fundable business plans include: what problem are you solving, marketing strategies, how will you make sales, knowing different revenue streams, who/ what is your competition, how will you retain customers, operations, and 5-year financial projections.

  • Good leaders are transparent to communicate effectively and to build trust

"It doesn’t take a lot of money to make a lot of money." — Mark Kramer

Connect with Mark Kramer:

Twitter: Marcdavidkramer-Twitter



Book: Small Business Turnaround

Show: Best Business Minds


Jordan Goldrich

Your host, Jordan Goldrich, grew up in a loud New York family and once lost an executive position because of his style. He is co-author of the Amazon Best Seller, Workplace Warrior®: People Skills For The No-Bulls**t Executive, Chief Operations Officer, Master Corporate Executive Coach, and Licensed Clinical Social Worker. His guests are part of his international network of Workplace Warrior® executives, master corporate executive coaches, and thought leaders. Each guest will engage you in conversation about their successes, mistakes, and solutions. You will get strategies for being completely authentic, while you fulfill your commitment to your organization, build positive relationships, and take performance to an even higher level.

Connect with Jordan Goldrich: 







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