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LaTonya Jackson: Unintentional Still Hurts, Getting Real About Equity and Inclusion

Episode 53

About LaTonya Jackson: LaTonya Jackson is Vice President of Services & Operations at Media Partners Corporation which provides best-in-class training content, technology, tools, and services to help organizations elevate workplace behaviors and culture. She is a 4-time author whose latest book is called 5 Blinders to Seeing Color that was released in 2020. She was previously Human Resources Director for Walmart. Dr. Jackson got her Doctor of Education at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville.


In this episode, Jordan and Latonya discuss:

  • Responding to racism and inequality

  • The Five Blinders to Seeing Color

  • Shame and blame versus awareness and action

  • Filling people’s glass - seeing others with value

Key Takeaways

  • It’s so much better and easier to love everybody, treat them like humans and respect them as opposed to focusing on what’s different about them. We’ll be able to solve problems together more effectively if we have that in common.

  • Anxiety and Uncertainty, Egocentrism, Power, Ignorance and Immaturity are the Five Blinders.

  • Self-awareness of one’s biases will lead to action and healthy change - it’s not about blame and shame. It’s about self-reflection and being honest with oneself.

  • Take a moment, open your eyes to the world’s issues and see how you can brighten up someone’s day or make them feel valued and important.

“Watch the intention, because the impact is that you create an environment where microaggressions may be a norm, an environment that's not respectful and not inclusive. On the flip side, don't be aggressive or attack people who are asking questions because that's when we lose the opportunity to educate.”— LaTonya Jackson

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