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Holly Teska: Hard Power vs. Soft Power Leadership

Episode 05

About Holly Teska: As a member of the Association of Corporate Executive Coaches ( Holly is a Master Corporate Executive Coach. She has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and is certified by the International Coach Federation at the ACC level. An Integral Coach, Holly is passionate about authentic leadership, transforming careers, and supporting business success through remarkable leadership. She currently serves as Managing Principal at LAK Group in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where she is responsible for their Executive Coaching Practice. Before joining LAK Group, Holly Served as Vice President and Managing Principal for North American Coaching at Right Management where she was responsible for leading their Executive Coaching Practice and their Project Management Office. She has served many roles in her 31 years at Right Management.


In this episode, Jordan and Holly discuss:

  • Hard power and soft power leadership

  • How family culture contributes to leadership style

  • Passive aggressive leadership

  • Gender roles in hard power and soft power leadership

  • Authenticity is a key to great leadership 

Key Takeaways:

  • A balance of hard power and soft power leadership works best

  • Most leaders who are perceived as disrespectful don’t want to hurt people-They are so focused on results they get frustrated or defensive.

  • Leaders who come from loud families also get perceived as abrasive or disrespectful- In part it is family culture

  • To be effective, a leader needs to find their authentic reason to change their style

  • Holly discusses an executive coaching client who changed his style when he  realized that his team members can’t read his mind. 

  • If you aren’t getting the results you want, you need to focus on what you control.

"It’s not just about proclaiming what you want it’s about helping people follow, getting obstacles out of their way, and being supportive." —  Holly Teska

Connect with Holly Teska:

LinkedIn: Holly Teska

Jordan Goldrich

Your host, Jordan Goldrich, grew up in a loud New York family and once lost an executive position because of his style. He is co-author of the Amazon Best Seller, Workplace Warrior®: People Skills For The No-Bulls**t Executive, Chief Operations Officer, Master Corporate Executive Coach, and Licensed Clinical Social Worker. His guests are part of his international network of Workplace Warrior® executives, master corporate executive coaches, and thought leaders. Each guest will engage you in conversation about their successes, mistakes, and solutions. You will get strategies for being completely authentic, while you fulfill your commitment to your organization, build positive relationships, and take performance to an even higher level.

Connect with Jordan Goldrich: 


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