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Eric Chriss: 4 Steps to Successful Business Strategy: The 4 M's

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Episode 30

About Eric Chriss: Eric is the Founder and CEO of CUSTOMatrix Inc. a multi-disciplinary business consulting firm with the mission, “Transforming the way companies build wealth.” Eric pioneered the CFO Fractional Practice Model, which is a model that has taken on a national scope and is recognized as a best practice within the financial leadership arena. He has a background as a CFO and today functions as an executive partner to the CEO. He has generated business development strategies with banks, private equity groups, and venture capital organizations. He worked with Pioneer Electronics during their start-up and his financial operations management resulted in over one hundred million in revenue in five years. Then he went on to negotiate the manufacturing terms of the General Motors de Mexico and BMW de Mexico for Pioneer’s expansion into the Mexican market. Before starting CUSTOMatrix, Eric was a founding CFO partner of Tatum LLC’s west coast practice. He co-developed their expansion strategy and opened up eight new offices for the largest CFO firm in the country.


In this episode, Jordan and Eric discuss:

  • All company functions fall under Market-Model-Management-Money.

  • Success is based on maintaining alignment between the Four M’s

  • Everything is connected: A change in one area impacts the others

Key Takeaways:

  • Alignment of the Four M’s requires radical objectivity and critical conversations

  • The Four M’s model provides a compass for strategic management

  • Executive consultants can create serious misalignment if they are not communicating to align what they are telling their clients in each function.

"The market doesn’t care how much the entrepreneur paid themselves or how much sacrifice they put into their business."— Eric Chriss”

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Jordan Goldrich

Your host, Jordan Goldrich, grew up in a loud New York family and once lost an executive position because of his style. He is co-author of the Amazon Best Seller, Workplace Warrior®: People Skills For The No-Bulls**t Executive, Chief Operations Officer, Master Corporate Executive Coach, and Licensed Clinical Social Worker. His guests are part of his international network of Workplace Warrior® executives, master corporate executive coaches, and thought leaders. Each guest will engage you in conversation about their successes, mistakes, and solutions. You will get strategies for being completely authentic, while you fulfill your commitment to your organization, build positive relationships, and take performance to an even higher level.

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