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Gary Denham: How to inspire Continuous Improvement with Elite Performers

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Episode 25

About Gary Denham: Gary is an expert on leading and coaching elite performers. As a 20 year veteran of the Navy Seals, he was responsible for teaching communication, leadership, and mentoring skills to active duty seals operators and members of other special forces. Gary was Director of Instructor Development for the Naval Special Warfare Center for 8 years where he personally oversaw the initial instruction, qualification, and continued training of all instructors for the Seals and Special Warfare Combat Craft Crewman (SSWCCC). American military, foreign dignitaries, as well as foreign heads of state regularly came to observe his program. His program has become the basis for similar training for elite operations forces around the world. Today he is the owner of Gary Denham Consulting and his mission is to inspire continuous improvement in others so they can maximize their performance in any endeavor. His clients include special operators, professional baseball and football organizations, Nike, the Tourism Board of the Cayman Islands, and members of the Young Presidents Organization. He’s worked with the coaching staff of the Kansas City Royals, The Toronto Blue Jays, and The Pittsburgh Pirates.


In this episode, Jordan and Gary discuss:

  • Conquering your fears by tackling them through trial and error.

  • Rugged individualism and being dependent only on yourself, not others.

  • The importance of character and its significance in building relationships.

Key Takeaways:

  • A relationship is built over time, you have to build trust and respect in order to lead.

  • People need to learn in the safest environment possible. Once they have learned the skill then you gradually apply and increase the amount of pressure they are under.

  • You must learn to lead yourself first before you can lead others.

"Things come down to that one moment, the moment you think to yourself this is it, I’m all in."— Gary Denham


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Phone: 619-957-7325

Jordan Goldrich

Your host, Jordan Goldrich, grew up in a loud New York family and once lost an executive position because of his style. He is co-author of the Amazon Best Seller, Workplace Warrior®: People Skills For The No-Bulls**t Executive, Chief Operations Officer, Master Corporate Executive Coach, and Licensed Clinical Social Worker. His guests are part of his international network of Workplace Warrior® executives, master corporate executive coaches, and thought leaders. Each guest will engage you in conversation about their successes, mistakes, and solutions. You will get strategies for being completely authentic, while you fulfill your commitment to your organization, build positive relationships, and take performance to an even higher level.

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