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Brandon Miller: CliftonStrengths - Building Strengths-Based Organizations with High Performance Team

Episode 67

About Brandon Miller: Brandon is one of the first seven certified Gallup Clifton Strengths Finder Coaches in the world. He was a very early practitioner of the assessment; over 15 years ago, he used it as the executive leader of a nonprofit organization. He has since coached hundreds of leaders to find and leverage their strengths for themselves and their teams. He is the CEO of 34 Strong, Inc. which is a coaching and consulting firm dedicated to improving employee engagement. He provides specialized leadership training, coaching, advising and facilitating. Brandon is also the co-founder of Incredible Family, which is a consulting agency that educates, empowers, and encourages working parents to take a strengths-based approach to parenting in order to unlock their best selves and raise strong happy children and teens. He and his wife, Analyn Miller are successful business owners, they’re parents to seven children and authors of “Play To Their Strengths” and “Incredible Parent”, which is released on 2021 and gives readers an innovative strengths-based intentional approach to child-raising that will make them more confident, aware, and energized as a parent.


In this episode, Jordan and Brandon discuss:

  • The advantage of focusing on strengths in leadership development

  • How your current mission and role determines the strengths and skills you need for success

  • Two different perspectives about strength based coaching

  • Focusing on strengths in parenting

  • Your combination of strengths are unique

Key Takeaways

  • Focusing on strengths is a great way to empower people and enable them to do what they do best.

  • Certified Strengthsfinder coaches believe you should not waste your time building skills in areas that are not your key strengths. Others believe there are times when your mission and role may require you to build skills in areas that are not your natural strengths.

  • You can leverage your strengths to have more success doing this.

  • In parenting, focusing on the child’s strengths can also help frame a better understanding of what they’re capable of. It will help the child grow to be more psychologically healthy and have more self-esteem; it will also improve your relationship with them as it will give you a new perspective.

  • Your combination of strengths is unique. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll find someone with the exact same strengths as you and with the exact same proficiency. Every strength is a double-sided coin, there are upsides and downsides. Even the upsides, if overplayed, can become downsides.

“Bridges can be mended, deeper understanding can be brought just by shifting focus - to really think more about what’s right with our kids than what’s wrong with them”— Brandon Miller

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