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Publicist: Joanne McCall

"Jordan Goldrich provides a unique perspective on executives who get labeled as abrasive or as bullies. He recognizes that demeaning, bullying behavior is not acceptable and that hard driving, results-focused personalities are needed in our complex, rapidly changing business environment. Thus, he challenges hard driving executives to express their warrior spirit while minimizing unintended negative impact."

--Marshall Goldsmith, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Triggers, MOJO and What Got You Here Won't Get You There

Workplace Warrior

People Skills for the No-Bullsh*t Executive

Jordan Goldrich

with Walter G. Meyer

Have You Been Labeled a Bully, Abrasive or Worse at Work? Workplace Warrior: People Skills for the No-Bullsh*t Executive helps tough bosses channel their "Warrior Spirit" and provides the tools you need to survive, thrive and lead their teams to greatness in an age of political correctness.

Being the boss has never been harder. Recent events in the corporate world, Hollywood and politics have focused negative attention on the kind of tough, demanding leaders who used to be valued for getting things done, labeling many as bullies and accusing them of fostering a “hostile workplace environment.” They are demeaned and called names, as society demands that they change their ways.

But what if the very thing that makes them so abrasive is also their superpower? 

Master Corporate Executive Coach and speaker, Jordan Goldrich believes it is, and explores this theory in his new book, Workplace Warrior:  People Skills for the No-Bullsh*t Executive (Greenleaf Book Group; October 1, 2019). Written specifically for executives who have been labeled abrasive or accused of workplace bullying, the book shows leaders how to protect themselves while remaining completely authentic, channeling their high standards and relentless drive into success for their teams and their companies.

“These executives have what I call a warrior spirit, which I believe is critical for businesses and organizations in our volatile, complex, uncertain, ambiguous (VUCA) environment,” explains Goldrich. “I wrote this book to challenge them to become better warriors, which means learning to lead with humility and protecting others who cannot protect themselves.”

In the book, Goldrich offers executives the simple option of doing the least they can do, whether their goal is to protect themselves in a world of political correctness, or to do the right thing for their organizations and their people. Specifically, he explains:


  • The four types of no-bullshit executives, and what drives their communication style

  • Understanding the “mental models” that shape people’s reactions

  • How to hold employees accountable without being accused of bullying

  • Simple ways to improve communication skills

  • Secrets to cultivating compassion (even for people you don’t think deserve it)

  • And much more


As inspiration, Goldrich invites readers to compare themselves to who he calls “the greatest warriors on the planet,” the Navy SEALs, Green Berets and others who are committed to taking charge, leading the way and accomplishing the mission, no matter what.

“In my experience working with these executives, I have found that most of them do not want to hurt people. They simply have a work ethic that accepts nothing less than always giving their all, and they expect the same from everyone around them. This book will help them communicate this without making others feel disrespected or demeaned, which will improve both quality and morale."

Workplace Warrior: People Skills for the No-Bullsh*t Executive meets executives who get labeled abrasive or bullies where they are, providing the tools they need to decrease the unintended negative impact of their warrior spirit without tempering their passion or lowering their standards, helping them take their leadership to a higher level. It's also for Human Resource Executives, Executive Coaches, or anyone working for or with a Workplace Warrior boss.


Jordan Goldrich helps leaders end dysfunction so their teams can do great things. He is a speaker, Chief Operations Officer and Master Corporate Executive Coach (MCEC) who partners with senior executives to drive results while developing their organizations, teams and the next generation of leaders.

He specializes in helping valuable executives who are experienced as abrasive to increase their effectiveness while changing their impact. Jordan is a partner in CUSTOMatrix as well as Senior Executive Coach with the Center for Creative Leadership.


Title:          Workplace Warrior: People Skills for the No-Bullsh*t Executive

Author:      Jordan Goldrich with Walter G. Meyer

Publisher:  Greenleaf Book Group

Pub Date:  October 2019

Pages:        224     Hardcover    6x9     Leadership

Price:          $21.95

ISBN:          978-1-62634-651-2    e-Book: 978-1-62634-652-9



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