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Dr Katrina Burrus: Transforming Brilliant Jerks into Inspiring Leaders

Episode 54

About Dr Katrina Burrus: She is a master certified coach and is one of the world’s leading experts on international leadership. She facilitates a mastermind for CEOs of international companies and she’s also the author of three books: “Abrasive Leaders”, “Global Nomadic Leaders”, and “Managing Brilliant Jerks”. She’s worked with Nestle, Navartis, and even the United Nations. She’s especially good at helping executives succeed in a new assignment.


In this episode, Jordan and Dr Katrina Burrus discuss:

  • Brilliant jerks vs. demanding leaders

  • How culture impacts how a leader is perceived

  • Understanding the motivation of brilliant jerks

  • Transforming brilliant jerks to inspiring leaders

  • Helping brilliant jerks understand the problem

Key Takeaways

  • Brilliant jerks are highly competent. When things aren’t done right, they react by attacking, dominating, or humiliating. Often they are unaware of their impact on others.

  • Polite in one culture can be seen as unassertive or unsure in another. Demanding leaders adapt their leadership style to the situation.

  • The ego of brilliant jerks are attached to results, achievement, recognition and success. The only way they know that they’re doing good is if things are getting done. This often originates from childhood experiences.

  • As a coach, give them control right off the bat. Ask them what they think about why they’re being coached right now and walk them through questions that will make them curious about themselves and how they have treated others.

  • Bring data and research to the coaching to help them honestly recognize how they need to change to be more effective.

“A lot of these people are unaware of the consequences of their behavior. If they’re made aware and can practice different behaviors for the situation, they can change and they can be more empathetic. It’s a message of hope.” — Dr Katrina Burrus

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